Yuwei Hu

HPC Intern at Tusimple Inc.


About Me

I am a research intern in TuSimple’s HPC group, experiencing a gap year after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Beihang University.

My research interests are in the intersection of HPC and deep learning systems. I have been working on binary neural networks, int8 inference acceleration, and auto optimization of deep network workloads with tensor compilation and kernel fusion.

I am applying for 2018 fall Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD programs.


BitFlow: Exploiting Computing Power of Binary Neural Networks on CPU [pdf] [poster]
Yuwei Hu, Dinghua Li, Yifan Gong, Jiangming Jin. In submission to SC17 poster session.


TVM: Tensor IR Stack for Deep Learning Systems dmlc/tvm

TVM is a novel framework that can: represent and optimize common deep learning computation workloads for CPUs, GPUs and other specialized hardware; automatically transform the computation graph to optimize data layout and fuse computation patterns.

My contributions:
           source: tvmlang.org/release-announcement.html

Here is the TVM tutorial blog, summarizing what I have learned from writing depthwise convolution.

MXNet float32 to TensorRT int8 Model Converter (in progress)

Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.